As you age, there is a steadily declining production of proteins like collagen and other materials that nourish the skin. Accordingly, your skin is affected by wrinkles and becomes inflexible. In such a situation, you will require botox Manhasset. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Americans yearly benefit from over 3 million Botox injections. Below are the general procedures involved during botox treatment.

Before botox injections

Usually, you will need to observe a few things to prepare your body and face for Botox injections. A healthier body can improve the effectiveness of botox therapy.

For example, your health provider may require you to avoid taking certain medications for a while before receiving botox injections. For example, by taking anti-pain medications, like aspirin and ibuprofen, you risk getting bruises from botox injections.

Moreover, avoid blood thinning drugs as they can increase your chances of bleeding or getting infections. Do not forget to inform your doctor if you use medication that can negatively affect your treatment.

During botox treatment

Your skin may need to be numbed before treatment starts. Then, your doctor injects controlled quantities of botulinum toxin into different sections of your face, especially those with bigger wrinkles.

Injecting botulinum toxin into different areas of your face will usually cause the relaxation of muscles. Botulinum toxin delays the communication between nerves in muscles; thus, the muscles do not contract normally.

Injection of botulinum toxin into the contracted muscles of the face can help minimize or eliminate lines around your eyes. It can also help eliminate wrinkles on the forehead or those that result from frowning.

Although Botox therapy is effective, you can find it difficult to eliminate wrinkles due to the sun harming your skin. Additionally, Botox injections may also not effectively eliminate wrinkles resulting from the actions of gravity.

You will feel discomfort and pain during treatment, which lasts only a few minutes. That is due to the tiny needles piercing your skin to allow the introduction of botulinum toxin. The discomfort and pain can last a few hours after treatment.

After botox injections

After getting injected with botulinum toxin, do not rub the injected sites so the medicine does not get to unwanted areas. Also, stay upright for a few hours after treatment and avoid exercising and taking alcohol.

For instance, alcohol introduces chemicals in your bloodstream that can increase blood flow, leading to swelling and bruising in the treated skin. Because of that, it might take longer to recover from botox therapy.

The lines and wrinkles will take about 4 or 5 months to reduce or disappear. Also, depending on your doctor’s advice, you may need several injections done after every few weeks or months. If facial muscles begin to contract again after treatment, your doctor will again recommend you undergo botox injections.

You can avoid wrinkles and the need for Botox treatment by safeguarding your skin against excessive exposure to the sun. Furthermore, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, exercise routinely, and avoid harmful facial expressions that can set off wrinkles.

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