Seeing your home flooded can be heartbreaking. What comes to your mind first is salvaging your valuables and extracting the water. Only after that is when you will consider calling a water damage restoration company. But that is not the right approach when restoring your home after water damage. You should ensure safety and call a water restoration Oak Harbor company to assist you. To help you get it right, here are the five mistakes you’ll likely make after water damage and how to avoid them.   

Not Informing Your Insurer

If you want compensation from your insurer, you should notify them about the water damage. The insurer will send a representative to assess the damage and determine the loss so that they can determine the amount you will likely get in compensation. If you don’t notify the insurance provider on time, you will make it hard to get compensated.  

Delaying Cleanup and Restoration  

When you let puddles of water sit in your home for more than 24 hours, that can cause more damage than you can imagine.  The water will cause cracks in the flooring and walls. It can also cause structural problems and mold growth. You shouldn’t wait for too long to clean up and restore. As you wait for the water restoration Oak Harbor company team to arrive, you can start the water extraction and cleanup process. But if you don’t know where to start, wait for the professionals to handle the work. 

Handling Restoration On Your Own

Another mistake you’ll likely make is handling water damage restoration independently. You may think that you can handle the assignment, but you are very wrong. Water damage restoration needs trained experts with specialized equipment to get the job done correctly and quickly. So, you should hire a reputable water restoration Oak Harbor company to assist you with the clean-up and restoration process. The contractor will have the right equipment to clean up, dry, and dehumidify your home. In addition, they will repair visible and hidden damages. What’s more, they can restore some of your valuables damaged by water.  

Neglecting Safety Precautions 

Many safety hazards are associated with flooding, burst pipes, or storm damage. Please note that flooding/stormwater can be contaminated with bacteria. In addition, potential electrical shocks, slippery/unstable flooring, broken glass floating in the water, and broken gas lines are other potential risks. If you ignore safety precautions and focus on salvaging your possessions, you might be injured or worsen the water damage problem. It is advisable not to risk and let water damage restoration experts salvage your items and restore your home.

Forgetting Mold Remediation  

Mold grows fast in humid conditions. So mold can be present and may not be visible in your home after water damage. As a result, you may not do mold remediation. However, that would be a huge mistake. You should hire a water damage restoration company that will restore your home and do mold remediation to stop mold growth and spread.