Getting long and thick hair takes a lot of work, and you need clarification about where to start to get fast hair growth. Setting up a hair care routine can be a good initiative. Besides this, healthy food in your diet is also suitable for fast hair growth. Still, inaccurate use of some hair care products can be the reason for slow hair growth.

Also, hair growth depends on what kind of lifestyle and habit you select. Healthy habits can improve your hair growth, boost follicles, and protect you from rough and dull hair. In this write-up, we will discuss simple habits you can opt for to achieve effective hair growth.


1.  Get a Haircut When Required

Getting a haircut while the hair growth phase is an essential thing. Trimming or haircuts can help to reduce breakage, split ends, and damaged hair. You face slow hair growth due to breakage, blunt ends, and split ends without a haircut. To want quicker hair growth, get trimming or a haircut every one-two months to avoid breakage.

2.  Keep Your Scalp Healthy

If you face scalp issues, for example, itchiness, irritation, or flaky scalp, you must take care of it to get healthy and lively hair. The Deficiency of hydration can be a reason for a dry scalp that leads to a flaky, irritated scalp. You can massage your scalp with natural oil, and it can help to provide moisture and protect from dryness. Also, natural oils can be beneficial for activating hair follicles that support hair growth.

3.  Consume Healthy Food

A balanced diet is essential for hair growth. Try to add protein, biotin, and some vitamins to your diet. Protein may provide strength and repair keratin that helps you create healthy hair texture. Besides this, the consumption of biotin can be beneficial for increasing follicle growth. Intake and applying vitamin E for hair growth may give you effective results. Using vitamin E capsules in natural oil help to increase blood circulation and provides moisture to cuticles for promoting hair growth. You can check the MD Factor website if you want to consume hair growth supplements for faster hair growth.

4.  Provide Moisture to Your Hair

Applying a conditioner is the prominent solution if you want to protect your hair from dullness, dryness, and roughness. Deep conditioning carries nutrients and helps to fulfill the nutrient value according to hair requirements. Moisture hair helps to reduce breakage, split ends, and dry ends. Deep conditioning promotes a healthy scalp, and that leads to hair growth. Apart from that, frequent hair washing can remove natural oil from the scalp, and using a conditioner can help to intact the moisture and protect from dryness.

5.  Don’t Over-Brush

Brushing your hair has several benefits, as it can help to improve blood circulation, which can help to activate the hair cuticles. Still, overbrush can ruin your hair texture, and Overbrushing can break your hair and can be a reason for excessive hair fall. Besides this, over-brushing can be the reason for the fraction that makes your follicle weak and damaged. You can use hair care products like hair serum before brushing your hair, which can help provide a smooth texture and assist in keeping your hair strong and shiny.

6.  Stay away from Styling Tools

The natural way is the best to take care of your hair; you can dry your wet hair with air drying instead of using a blow dryer or flat iron. Frequently styling your hair leads to rough and damaged hair texture, and it will help if you avoid high heat over 300 degrees Fahrenheit on your hair. Alpha-keratine and beta-keratine can be the reasons for weak and damaged hair. Remember, always spray heat protector products while using heating tools.

7.  Hide Your Hair from The Sun

Being directly in contact with the sun affects your natural hair color negatively. In addition, the sun’s heat can cause dry hair cuticles, and it becomes dull, frizzy & brittle. Wear a hat to protect your hair from sun damage if you are relaxing poolside or on the beach. Also, other options are available, use conditioner on your hair and make a messy bun to prevent dry hair. You can get nourishment and protection from harmful UV rays by using conditioner at some times.

8.  Switch to Satin Pillowcase

Generally, cotton pillowcases produce a fraction, and that can be a reason for tangled and weaken hair strands. Using satin or silk pillowcases during the night-time routine keeps your hair healthy by reducing frizziness and roughness. Adding satin pillowcases at bedtime helps to decrease split ends, breakage, and roughness & provides silky, smooth including faster hair growth.

9.  Say Hello to Egg Masks

Applying an egg mask to your hair helps fulfill your hair’s protein requirements. Also, besides adding nourishment to your hair, an egg mask can help improve hair texture and produce baby hair on the scalp. Use egg white with any oil and leave it for approximately 20 minutes. Wash you hairs after that for good results. You may apply this egg mask once a month, and you can see the transformation of hair from dull to shiny.


You find many ways to grow your hair faster. Still, discovering the proper habit or correct hair growth supplements according to your hair type is hard to find. You can try visiting MD Factor if you are searching for skincare and hair care products. You can get a massive collection of hair & beauty products and health supplements on their website.