If you feel that missing teeth significantly affect your smile, you are not alone. Several factors can result in tooth loss, including trauma, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. If you want to restore your complete and attractive smile, you may benefit from dentures Falls Church.

Different forms of dentures

Dentures are a type of removable artificial teeth that replaces missing teeth. They are typically made of acrylic resin and are custom-fit to the individual’s mouth. Your provider holds these prostheses in place using suction or the help of a denture adhesive. You can take them out and clean them easily. There are two main forms of dentures: full dentures, which replace all of the natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw, and partial dentures, which replace just a couple of missing teeth.

  • Complete dentures

Also known as full dentures, complete dentures are an excellent option for replacing all the natural teeth in your upper or lower jaw. The process of designing full dentures involves two stages. First, your Gentle Touch Dental PC takes a series of impressions of your mouth and uses them to create a model of your jaw, which aids in creating a set of custom-made dentures. Making the dentures usually takes several weeks, and once they are complete, you will return to the practice to have them fitted and adjusted as necessary. It may take a while to get used to wearing full dentures, as they may initially feel strange or uncomfortable. It is crucial to follow the dentist’s instructions for wearing and caring for your dental prostheses to ensure they fit properly and last as long as possible.

  • Partial dentures

Most dentists recommend partial dentures for replacing just a few missing teeth. This form of denture is usually attached to a gum-colored plastic base that holds the denture in place. A permanent partial denture fills the gaps in your smile by attaching crowns on the teeth around the tooth gap and placing artificial teeth on them. In addition to improving your smile aesthetics, these dentures prevent the remaining natural teeth from shifting out of place.

Caring for your dentures

Initially, your partial or complete dentures may feel strange in your mouth and may result in excessive salivation or drooling, but over time you get used to them. The Gentle Touch Dental PC team may give you instructions on how to care for your dentures to ensure their durability. Every night you need to remove your dentures and soak them in water before bed. Removing them prevents you from choking in your sleep and allowing your gums to rest. You may also have to clean your prostheses thoroughly to remove bacteria and plaque that may cause tooth decay. Unclean dentures can contribute to bad breath, gum disease, or fungal infections, making it crucial to clean them daily. You may need to use toothpaste and a toothbrush to remove debris when cleaning them.

If missing teeth affect your smile aesthetics, call the Gentle Touch Dental PC office or book an appointment online to get custom-made dentures.