Individuals are exposed to different vascular diseases. These conditions affect the blood vessels within your circulatory system. Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a common vascular condition in which plaque accumulates within your arteries. Consequently, it becomes difficult for the oxygen-rich blood to reach body organs such as the legs. If you have been diagnosed with PAD, you do not have to worry since vascular surgery can help treat your condition. Like any other surgical procedure, it is good to make necessary preparations. That is why Kristen Forsythe FNP offers the following guidelines that will help you prepare for vascular surgery.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking has many lethal effects on your health. For example, cigarette chemicals can weaken your immune system, thus exposing you to infections. This instance can trigger poor wound healing after vascular surgery, thus prolonging your recovery time. Therefore to minimize postoperative complications, you should suspend smoking weeks before surgery. Kicking this habit will also help avoid the reoccurrence of vascular concerns like PAD.

Know What to Carry

Before vascular surgery, packing your bag with necessities is good. For example, your surgeon will instruct you to bring compression stockings to wear after surgery. These special garments are essential to lower blood clot risk, especially if you are bedridden. You should also include personal items such as dentures and reading materials. However, you should leave some belongings like a wedding ring and watch at home.

Review Your Medications

Certain medications can intervene with the success of vascular surgery. Therefore, you should discuss your medications with the surgical team before the procedure. On your medication list, you should include their prescription. This measure will help to know the over-the-counter drugs you should suspend and which ones you will continue. For example, if you take anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen, your surgeon recommends discontinuing them a week before surgery to avoid excessive bleeding.


Having a full stomach can cause aspiration due to anesthesia. Your surgeon will therefore advise you to avoid food or drinks before surgery. Ensure that you follow those instructions keenly. In most operations like endovascular procedures, avoiding eating anything after midnight the night before your vascular surgery is good. If you take any medications before surgery, taking small water sips to swallow pills is no harm.

Know What to Wear

At your appointment, you do not want to wear fashionable clothes. Notably, the surgeon will use a marker to denote target blood vessels during vascular surgery. Therefore, you should wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid rubbing the marker accidentally. The loose-fitting clothes will also enhance a smooth recovery since they do not compress incision sites. Further, it would help to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to wear and take off.

Vascular surgery is one of the effective treatments for circulatory system concerns like PAD. You could be anxious about this procedure, especially if you have never sought it. However, knowing what to do before vascular surgery will boost your experience during and after the procedure. For example, if you are a smoker, you should stop this habit to facilitate a smooth recovery. Disclose your medications to the surgeon to decipher the ones to suspend. Also, you should wear a comfortable outfit to avoid putting pressure on the operated body parts.