ACC Network is a more recent entrant into the world of sports. Launched hardly two years ago in 2019, this American subscription channel has managed to get all hardcore sports fans talking about it. This is hardly surprising though given that it is owned by ESPN, the ultimate sports network.

The announcement for the channel was first made in 2016, and while there were concerns of economic viability, given the increasing number of cord-cutters, ESPN went ahead with the plan. The demand for a channel focused on the Atlantic Coast Conference sports was high and ACC Network was designed to fill this gap. 

ACC Network has done a tremendous job in giving sports lovers exactly what they want. Promising to air around 450 live contests annually, it has gotten its viewers hooked. If you still haven’t asked your cable provider for this awaited channel here are some reasons why you should do so ASAP.

Tons of Events 

As we mentioned before, ACCN has a whopping 450 live contests planned for you over the year. These include 40 Football games, 58 Soccer games, 12 Field Hockey games, 150 Basketball games, 19 Volleyball games, and 200 other regular-season competitions and tournaments. In addition to this, they will be broadcasting 27 sponsored sports annually. With so much to watch, you’re not getting bored anytime soon. 

Enhanced ACC Fan Experience

The programming aired on ACC Network is designed to provide a more in-depth national coverage of sports that ACC fans love. Along with news, you’ll be getting insightful analysis from experts, sure to improve your viewing experience. What’s more, they have tons of original content that you won’t find anywhere else. Pretty cool, right?

Tough to Beat Academic Programming

Who doesn’t want to know the stars breaking records and securing the win for their teams? Giving you programming that features stories on your favorite athletes, ACC Network goes above and beyond to capture the highlights of their lives both on the field and off the pitch. 

Familiar ESPN Personalities You Love

Since ACC Network is the brainchild of ESPN you can expect friendly faces of ESPN personalities on various shows. In time you’ll start to enjoy the fresh new faces of on-air staff but until then you can feel comfortable knowing you’re among friends and family. What’s more, you’ll know that the authentic programming you’ve come to love is sure to be standard at this new channel.

ACC Network Offers EXTRA

While the ACC Network will be carrying the top games of the conference, it can’t possibly carry all of them. But that’s ok because whatever doesn’t make the cut on ACC Network, is aired at ACC Network Extra. 

This streaming-only option is exclusively offered in the ESPN app and WatchESPN website and guess what, all this extra programming will cost you nothing extra! If your cable TV plan offers ACC Network you’ll be able to access ACC Network Extra with ease. All you need is your account login details. Simply plug them in on the WatchESPN website or on the ESPN app and you’re in. Isn’t that amazing?

Which Cable Companies Carry ACC Network?

Given how recent this channel is in the industry, you would think that it wouldn’t be as widely available, but you couldn’t be more wrong! DIRECTV, Cox, Dish Network, AT&T U-Verse, Optimum, and Suddenlink, as well Spectrum carry this much sought out after network. And, with how affordable and reliable Spectrum cable TV can be, you’ll be happy to know that there is a budget-friendly option that gives you access to ACC Network. Spectrum TV allows you to stream the channel as well as watch it on TV which ensures you get a great viewing experience. 

However, if you’re a cord-cutter that enjoys the freedom streaming gives, worry not. ACC Network is also available on a ton of streaming platforms. YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu Live TV, and Sling TV all carry the ACC Network so you should have no trouble at all!

Wrapping Up

For all the ACC fans, this channel is clearly a must. You get access to a ton of live games and get informational content from experts on the matter. What’s not to love? 

If you don’t have a cable TV plan already, it’s time you subscribe to Spectrum cable services. With a curated selection of channels offering the best of sports, news, and entertainment, it is the complete package. So, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s basketball that you love or football, this is the channel to tune into!