You want to ensure that your health is always at its best because sicknesses interfere with your health and can slow you down. Family medicine covers all the important aspects of health to keep your health in check and allow you to live a healthy life. Abigail S Tyler CRNP offers primary care services, including family medicine, to give you all the needed care so you and your family can be safe and healthy. Your doctor will guide you through the required medical exams to keep your health in check. Here are some aspects of health family medicine will cover.

Annual Wellness Visits

You can schedule one yearly appointment with your doctor to check your health and offer preventive care. An annual wellness visit aims to prevent illnesses from occurring depending on your risk factors and current health condition. However, an annual wellness visit will not offer full physical exams. During your visit, your doctor will check your vital signs, including your weight, height, blood pressure, and heart rate. Your primary care provider will screen your hearing and assess your movement ability. You may need to talk about your current health status and family medical history.

Chronic Care Management

Your doctor can schedule you for this service if you have two or more chronic illnesses that have lasted 12 months and above. Chronic care management aims to help you manage chronic conditions while promoting health. You can easily access a medical provider anytime if you need to discuss an urgent health issue if you are under CCM. During CCM, you can refill your prescriptions, manage symptoms, get education on your health, go for preventative health counseling, and get interventions to reduce risk factors.

On-site Labs

Your provider can use on-site labs to help you manage your health, especially if you have a chronic condition. On-site labs eliminate the need to follow up with tests from another site, thus reducing the many hours it may take to get your results and send them to your doctor for interpretation. During an on-site lab, your doctor can do a complete blood count to check for disorders and determine your overall health. Your doctor can also measure your blood sugar levels, fluid balance, kidney function, and electrolyte balance. You may also need a urinalysis to screen your health for early signs of diseases and monitor kidney-related conditions.


Immunization aims to prevent a serious disease while helping reduce its spread to others. During an immunization, your doctor injects a small amount of a weakened virus into your body so your immune system will provide immunity. Therefore, when your body encounters the disease, your immune system will easily fight it due to early exposure. During your visit, your doctor can update your immunizations.

Family medicine is one broad term for the many services you can get to ensure you and your family live a healthy life. Even if you are living with a chronic condition, family medicine constitutes chronic care management to help reduce possible complications, especially if you have more than one condition. You can get annual wellness visits to alert you to rising medical conditions, updated immunization schedules, and on-site labs to diagnose underlying issues. Family medicine ensures your doctor can assess your health and recommend further treatment early enough in case of any underlying conditions.