The Magic Wand plus sex toy, is arguably the world’s most revered vibrator. It’s a clit-rockin’ powerhouse on its own, but there are also a ton of accessories out there designed to enhance its function for extra fun and variety. We’re going to take a look at 5 Magic Wand attachments that can transform into a whole new toy.

The Magic Wand plus is already a sex-tech masterpiece, so it’s hard to imagine why you’d want to mess with it. After all, why fix what’s not broken? But buyers of attachments have a number of reasons for modifying their wands and they’re too good to ignore. Peep ’em!

Attachments Help Target Additional Anatomy

The Magic Wand Original was designed as an external massager, making it a great tool for clitoral stimulation. However, it can’t be used internally for a couple reasons.

Firstly, Magic Wand plus aren’t waterproof. Sticking them anywhere moist might ruin the toy or be dangerous.

Secondly, the head of the Wand clocks in at 2.25 inches in diameter, which is a bit too wide for many people to comfortably accommodate without considerable foreplay. (That’s not a challenge to youadventurous types, by the way!) Long story short, this toy was not made to be inserted in anyone’s body and attempting to do so would be unsafe.

Magic Wand attachments come in many different shapes. You can use them to pleasure penises, pussies, and anuses too. Hit that G-spot or prostate without fail!

Attachments Can Boost or Dampen the Intensity of the Vibrations. The Magic Wand Original comes with two settings: ‘low’ and ‘high’. (For people with sensitive clits, it’s more like ‘holy fuck’ and ‘HELP!!’). This reliable intensity has kept countless customers happy for decades, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Some of us want a bit less while others may want more POWER!

Certain Magic Wand attachments are designed to channel the toy’s vibrations, making the sensation more intense. Other attachments achieve the opposite effect. You can find one that works best for you or collect them like stamps and have one for each day of the week!