Why You Should Not Apply for Disability Benefits Without an Attorney Helping You

If you cannot work and need to apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), you may be wondering if you need a disability lawyer to assist you. It’s normal to be confused about this, especially if it’s your first time applying for these benefits. But to increase your chances of getting approved for benefits, you need a full-service lawyer to guide you through the process. Below are compelling reasons you should not go through the disability benefits application process without the assistance of an attorney:

You Must Prepare the Initial Claim

To begin your claim, you need to file it and your attorney can do it for you. They will ensure your claim includes all important information to increase your chances of getting maximum benefits as soon as possible. Also, the lawyer knows the information and documentation required by the SSA, so communication issues won’t delay the processing of your claim or cause its denial.

Evidence Must Be Managed Properly

A good lawyer will ensure you can provide the SSA with the evidence it needs to give you benefits. They can offer information about your treating doctors and hospitalizations to obtain the appropriate medical records. The lawyer can present helpful witnesses to the hearing or get evidence from your previous employer. They know what evidence you need to have a compelling claim.

It Helps to Have Legal Representation at the Hearing

A disability attorney can be with you when you appear before a judge at a Social Security hearing. They will communicate with you before the hearing to prepare you for the possible questioning. By knowing about possible questions in advance, you can better come up with a persuasive testimony. 

At the hearing, the lawyer can present opening and closing statements. Nearly all hearings include at least one expert. A vocational expert’s testimony can help your case and a good lawyer can effectively cross-examine these experts. Your attorney will work with you to understand your impairment, so they can defend you at the hearing.  

Social Security Claims Become Increasingly Complicated Legally

A lot of those whose disability claims have been denied appeal the denial to court, where their case must be presented with extensive legal brief writing. A lawyer can properly prepare this brief and use their knowledge of Social Security case law to win your case whether at a district court or the U. S. Courts of Appeals.