Because your skin is the largest part of the body, you’re at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Several types of skin cancer affect one in every five American adults. Fortunately, skin cancer Kingwood treatments can alleviate your condition and safeguard your skin health in the long run.

Skin cancer is manageable with advanced and innovative surgical techniques if detected early. Nonetheless, there are things you can do today to prevent skin cancer occurrence in the future. This guide provides five essential habits you can incorporate to prevent skin cancer.

1.Avoid the sun during peak hours

Staying out of the sun may seem impossible, especially in sunny areas. However, avoiding the sun is one of the best ways to protect your skin from cancer. Most importantly, keep off the sun between 10 am to 4 pm since this is the time it’s the strongest.

Moreover, consider shades or wearing protective clothing if you must stay out. You can try long-sleeved pants, shirts, or a wide-brimmed hat to shield your skin from UV rays. Clothing with UV protection labels is preferred.

2.Wear sunscreen daily

If avoiding the sun doesn’t seem enough, try sunscreen with SPF30+. Using a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, sunscreen will prevent skin cancer and other debilitating skin issues caused by excessive sun rays.

Typically, you should apply sunscreen generously to all exposed skin areas like your face, hands, neck, and arms. Again, constantly reapply sunscreen every two hours after sweating or swimming. You can still consider wearing protective clothing even after applying sunscreen.

3.Don’t use tanning beds

Tanning beds emit UV rays that are more harmful than those from the sun. This UV light can cause premature skin aging as well as skin cancer. In most cases, people who use tanning beds risk developing melanoma cancer.

Avoiding tanning beds is a crucial step in reducing your skin cancer risk. Furthermore, if you have skin moles, using tanning beds can cause them to cause skin cancer. Instead, you can try self-tanning products.

4.Focus on the weather

Many people neglect their skincare routines because of weather changes. It’s easy to get fooled by cloudy weather to ignore using sunscreen. However, it would be best to adopt your skincare regimen even when it’s overcast.

Still, your skin can get affected even during cold weather. Also, it would help if you watched out when spending time near the water and sand, as UV rays can be reflected on your skin. This increases your chances of getting sunburned and suffering from skin cancer.

5.Regularly get skin cancer checkups

Mostly, skin cancer can develop without you knowing. This is why you should be self-conscious about changes in your skin. If you’re prone to moles and freckles, you should frequently consider visiting your dermatologist for screenings.

Skin cancer screenings help detect early signs before the situation escalates. Early detection paves the way for advanced treatments because skin cancer is very severe. Therefore, don’t overlook routine dermatology checkups.

To promote better skin health, preventing skin cancer must come in handy. Besides adopting the above-listed daily habits, having a dermatologist in your closet can help. Specialist intervention reduces your risk of developing skin cancer and thus promotes better overall skin health.

Do you want to take steps in preventing and managing skin cancer? If so, visiting your dermatologist often will help you achieve healthy skin in the long run. Book your dermatology appointment today.