BBQs 2u are a top independent player in the Kamado Joe, Napoleon barbeque, and Ooni Pizza Oven retail market in the UK. Their passion for all types of grills began in 2002 and since then, they have been sharing a wealth of grilling knowledge with their clients.

BBQs 2u is an authorized Kamado dealer offering the greatest rates and customer service at both online and in-stores. This ensures that any new Kamado Joe bought from their store comes with a valid warranty.

The Kamado Joe Classic 3 is among Kamado Joe’s latest and the most advanced inventive grill that is available with a premium cart and enhanced side shelves. The innovative SloRoller insert with Hyperbolic smoke chamber is the newest fantastic innovation that has caused a lot of excitement in the world of all those who love t flavor their food with smoke and yet wish to avoid the unnecessary mess it creates.

The SloRoller is a heat and smoke management device invented by Harvard University. Using cyclonic airflow technology, when searing or grilling at higher temperatures, the SloRoller insert may be easily replaced for heat deflector plates to perfect the taste and texture of the food on low-and-slow meals up to 500°F.

Buying the Kamado Joe Classic 3 as a Kamado Joe bundle brings with it loads of advantages. You can get JoeTisserierotisserie and DoJoe at amazingly reduced prices. While the rotisserie ensures uniform browning of the meat while retaining crispiness, DoJoe is an amazing transformation that can convert any classic Kamado into a pizza oven for cooking perfect wood-fired or smoky pizzas.

Being a thick-walled, traditional Asian-style grill, the Kamado provides deep, smoky flavor to meatsand vegetables cooked inside the grill. For generations, the basic design of the grill has remained unchanged which brings life to chunks of charcoal and also to the food cooked on it.

The Kamado Joe products sold at BBQs 2u are happily carrying the same legacy while continuing to upgrade the grill’s classic aesthetic with unmatched craftsmanship, cutting-edge accessories, and a variety of cooking surfaces.

Kamado grills feature far thicker walls when compared to ordinary grills that have been used for centuries, allowing them to maintain heat inside the chamber much more efficiently. Kamado grills are quite stable once preheated. These can also be used to cook at desired temperatures by maintaining the levels of charcoal and oxygen in the grill. These long-lasting ceramic grills deserve a place in the backyard of every barbeque lover in the UK.

Apart from the Kamado Joe Classic 3 Bundle, there are many other bundles sold at the retail website of BBQs 2u giving their customers a chance to get a huge list of Kamado Joe gifts free with the product purchase which can otherwise cost them hundreds of additional pounds.

The thick-walled, heat-resistant casing of the Kamado grills locks in smoke, moisture at any temperature and thus, permits successful cooking irrespective of external temperature and weather conditions.

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