On Instagram, perception is everything. Accounts with more followers are seen as more popular, credible, and influential – regardless of the quality of content. So even if you have amazing photos and videos, a low follower count signals to visitors that you haven’t built an audience and don’t have much reach.  Having an initial boost of followers changes this perception and lends your brand instant social proof. Visitors will see you have an established audience and be more inclined to follow you themselves. This snowball effect leads to accelerated organic growth as real users start with your content. More followers also mean your posts to more people through Instagram’s algorithm. So buying strategic followers gives your content a wider reach from day one.

Bought followers are created equal

Instagram Followers from Famoid can give you a leg up, not all bought followers are considered equal in the eyes of Instagram. Low-quality, fake followers from bot accounts are easy for Instagram to detect. Having too many fake followers can hurt your credibility and get your account flagged. The key is to buy real-looking, active followers from services that take measures to make the accounts appear genuine. Top services source followers from real accounts in Instagram’s target demographic. The followers should have profile photos, recent posts, and a reasonable ratio of followers to following. Active followers from your target audience are perceived as authentic by Instagram. They will like and comment on your posts rather than just inflating your numbers. This type of engagement is a signal to Instagram that your content resonates with real users.

Strategic followers accelerate organic growth

The ideal strategy is to buy just enough active strategic followers to appear established and kickstart organic growth. 10K followers are generally seen as the tipping point after which organic growth starts to compound.

  • Increased Credibility- more followers make you looks popular & establishes authority in your niche which converts visitors into followers.
  • Improved Discoverability-Instagram’s algorithm starts showing your posts to a wider audience.
  • Social Proof-visitors see you have an audience and are more likely to follow you. Creates a snowball effect.
  • Engagement Momentum- active strategic followers like and comment on your posts which signals to Instagram that you’re content resonates.
  • Partnership Opportunities- brands want to work with influencers with engaged audiences. More followers open sponsorship opportunities.

Follower quality trumps quantity

While more followers are the goal, follower quality trumps quantity in strategic growth. 10K engaged strategic followers are far better than 100K fake bot accounts. Focus on buying followers from proven providers that deliver accounts similar to your ideal target audience.

The strategic followers should have complete profiles, recent posts with hashtags & captions, and a decent follower-to-following ratio. Engaged followers will interact with your brand and content. This activity shows Instagram the follower accounts are genuine.

Avoid services offering extremely cheap followers in bulk. These are likely to be low-quality fake accounts that will be purged or could get your account shut down. Only work with reliable services that guarantee quality followers, drip-feed them slowly and offer refunds if followers drop off. Verified Services will provide follower analytics so you can monitor engagement levels.