Multiple people consider having hair as the perfect package for a soothing impression. Thus, losing hair is something they can never dream of. Some individuals with reported Austin hair loss cases assert being frustrated by their situation.

Hair loss becomes even more bothersome due to the widespread misinformation on the internet. Such myths can make you feel bad about yourself or prevent you from seeking treatment. Keep reading on to learn about common myths about hair loss everyone should understand.

Stress Is Responsible for Your Hair Loss

Everyday stress is not associated with hair loss, but traumatic experiences have been linked with hair loss. Studies have shown that severe stress can make your hair go into the resting stage, where the hair follicle stops generating hair. Stress is also associated with alopecia areata, a type of patchy hair loss.

However, these effects only occur if you struggle with traumatic events, not daily stressors. These hair losses are also temporary. Therefore, stress is the last thing you should consider causing hair loss.

Hair Loss Occurs With Age

Even though hair loss is mainly common among men in their 40s to 60s, it is possible to begin losing your hair at any age. You may even start losing your hair in your teenage years. Therefore, you are not young to notice hair loss.

Sometimes you may be genetically susceptible to male baldness, meaning you can lose hair at any age. Fortunately, if your hairline is receding, it may not indicate a severe health complication. Instead, your genetics might be responsible for your condition.

Hair Restoration Treatments Are Ineffective

There are several effective treatments, including hair transplants, you can consider. The Food and Drug Administration has also approved treatments like Propecia. The drug functions by clogging enzymes that alter testosterone to DHT in your hair follicles.

The medication is effective if your hair is beginning to thin. Unfortunately, your hair loss will progress if you avoid taking the drug. Thus, you should visit a hair specialist to learn your treatment options.

Bald Men Have Increased Testosterone Levels

Generally, becoming bald would be comfortable if you experience an elevated sex drive. Researchers have asserted that bald men have equal testosterone levels to people with plenty of hair. However, results do not imply hormones do not play a role, as the DHT hormone can be responsible for increased testosterone.

Having excess hormones due to genetics makes your hair follicle halt production. Depending on your genes, your hair follicle can be less or more sensitive to hormone levels. Consulting your doctor can also help determine the reasons for increased or decreased testosterone.

Washing Your Hair Excessive Causes Hair Loss

Washing the hair too often can cause hair loss but does not ignite hair loss. Besides, washing the hair more frequently can eliminate sebum and dry out the hair. Nonetheless, no study has concluded that shampooing your hair regularly can impact your DHT levels or cause baldness.

Washing your hair with some products can stimulate protection. Hair loss shampoo is a significant example that can help secure your hair from DHT-associated damage. Thus, do not be worried when using shampoo products on your hair.

Despite the various misconceptions about hair loss, there is much more you can do to rejuvenate and prevent further hair loss. Different rejuvenating options include laser therapy, hair transplantation, and plasma therapy. Your hair provider will help you understand the most effective depending on the cause of your hair loss.

Visiting a dermatologist will help you determine the severity and type of your hair loss condition. They also give true information about hair loss that you can trust. Therefore, if you notice persistent hair loss, consult a dermatologist immediately.