Do you experience consistent discomfort in your abdomen? Worst, do you observe blood in your stool due to rectal bleeding? If you answer yes to those questions, you could have colon cancer. Usually, this condition occurs when there are unusual changes in DNA in the cells along the colon. While in most cases, colon cancer does not exhibit symptoms during the early stages, the onset of the persistent symptoms usually holds the victims’ life hostage. That is why it is recommended you undergo colonoscopy Austin at least once every ten years to prevent colorectal cancer. If you are anticipating a colonoscopy, the following tips will help you prepare for your appointment effectively.

Change Your Eating Habits

Although you may experience difficulties reducing your favorite meal intake, making the necessary dietary adjustments before the colonoscopy is good. For example, you should reduce the intake of fiber foods since they would interfere with the procedure. Usually, high-fiber foods such as vegetables can leave deposits along the colon, obstructing the inserted device.

Additionally, it would help if you ate small portions of meals two to three days before your procedures to avoid hassles while emptying the bowel before the colonoscopy.

Ask Questions

You could have many concerns regarding the colonoscopy procedure, especially if you have never sought the procedure before. Make a list of important questions and present them to your specialist. For instance, you can ask what to expect during the colonoscopy procedure.

Your doctor will equip you with the relevant information about the procedure, thus helping ease the anxiety.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is crucial to keeping your digestive health in good condition, especially when waiting for your colonoscopy appointment. Hydration helps to ease the bowel movement making your colon clear for diagnosis. Trace your water intake a few days before the appointment and ensure you hit the target of eight ounces daily.

Get Moving

The physical activities will benefit you as you contemplate your colonoscopy procedure. Essentially, the exercise will help boost the movement of the food components along your digestive tract, resulting in the recommended cleaner bowel. Engage in light exercises, such as walking around your house, since strenuous exercise could trigger digestive issues.

Stay Near Your Bathroom

It would be best if you never kept a distance from your toilet when preparing for the colonoscopy. After making immediate dietary changes, it is more likely that you will encounter sudden bowel movements. Therefore, you should wear comfortable outfits to reduce hassles when you have the call of nature. Invest in magazines and novels to alleviate boredom as you stay indoors.

A colonoscopy is an effective procedure to help you prevent and treat colon cancer. Therefore, you should seek this treatment at least once after ten years. Your health provider will recommend a more frequent appointment if they learn you are more predisposed to colorectal cancer. While you may be anxious about this procedure, making the appropriate preparation can help boost your experience as you anticipate a colonoscopy. For instance, you should make inquiries about what a colonoscopy entails.