Cavities are one of the most common and regularly occurring dental health-related problems. When you ask a dentist, they would tell you that most of their patients suffer from some degree of cavities. For those who are new to the term, a cavity is a hole that develops in your teeth due to decay. This decay can be due to a variety of factors but causes sensitivity and may also lead to severe infections. Treatment for cavities is a dental filling procedure. In dental filling, the dentist will use artificial material to fill in the gaps and prevent the further spread of decay. Read below to understand how fillings san antonio helps in dealing with cavities:

Stops sensitivity caused by cavities 

When your teeth start decaying and form cavities, it results in sensitivity. This sensitivity will keep on increasing if the cavities are not treated on time. Thus, getting your cavities filled will help you put an end to the sensitivity towards hot and cold food and beverages.

Prevents further decay

The size of any cavity will keep on expanding if your food habits don’t change and you don’t take proper care of your teeth. Thus, teeth filling will help you control the decay and avoid its further spread.

Strengthens the teeth 

The cavity is usually caused when your teeth are not strong enough to prevent the bacteria and stuck food particles from decaying the enamel. On the other hand, when you get a filling done, it adds a protective layer on the teeth, thereby improving its strength and preventing cavities.

Prevent bacteria or plaque from entering the tooth cavity

Most of the severe dental diseases are caused by bacteria and plaque buildup, which is not cleaned or removed on time. Moreover, these particles usually get deposited in the holes that the cavity makes in a tooth. So when you get a filling done, the holes are sealed, and thereby, it prevents the cavity gaps from becoming a root cause of oral diseases.

When you consult a dentist, they will inform you about the pool of materials available for dental filling. You can choose from among the options; the one that best suits your budget. In severe cases, the dentist might recommend getting a particular material of filling for a longer stay and better treatment. Different filling materials carry different benefits, but all have a good efficiency rate. To summarize, now, when your dentist recommends a dental filling for your cavities, you would have a basic knowledge about the same.