There are more than seven million women in America who are dealing with addiction of different drugs or alcohol. Women are of varying age, economic status, race and background. Women are equally prone to addiction as like men, and develop a substance use disorder. However, women need some extra and unique treatment to heal addiction issues.

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Women are much different from men; say it is emotionally, psychologically, and socially. Substance addictions in women are of different nature and of different intensity. So, they have different need in treatment and recovery. It is essential to find a gender specific treatment center in getting drug addiction treatment for a woman.

Specific things which a woman need during rehab are:

  • Mental Health Services – Women are more prone to mental illness like anxiety, depression, mood swings, etc. There are far more women than men who experience depression. All these put women at a higher risk in developing substance use disorder and addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment is designed to treat addiction and mental illness altogether.

In this type of treatment women are treated in an all-round way like emotionally, physically, and mentally. The root cause of their addiction and mental illness are found out and treated altogether in a systematic way.

If left untreated, it might damage relationships, self image, and overall ambience of the society. Women are at a greater chance of having relapse. So, dual treatment is essential.

  • Trauma-Informed Care – Trauma is common among women who are addicted, as like mental health issues. More than 70% of the women have reported traumatized situations. So, a trauma-informed treatment model is essential to provide the most effective treatment to women.

The programs or the treatment procedures should ensure a safe stay during the ongoing treatment. They will have a program to empower women by boosting their confidence and regaining their voice.

  • Optimistic Female Only Community – Women have much different reasons than men to get drug abused. Many women start using drugs when they are with a substance using pal, or after facing violence or abuse from other person. This is one of the reasons why gender specific treatment center should be present.

In gender specific treatment centers, women are made to feel free in a safe and drug free environment, comprising of all women during recovery. They will meet women who have faced the similar situations, and will freely form bonding with them. Women are participatein group therapies, where all of them arefree to share their experiences.

Mostly women are a bit introvert, so being an all women community, they can easily share their views, and healing will be faster.

  • Personalized Care and Support – Single treatment is not right for everyone. Various peopleneed various treatment procedures. Every patient is unique. Personalized patient centric treatment is essential to feel safe and supported.

Treating a drug addicted women is very unique. They need specially programmed treatment to get healed. They need some extra support and care due to their emotional vulnerability. So, women who are a drug addicts, should not be left untreated, but it is the foremost task to get them treated in the best possible way, and let her enjoy drug free life.