Families that do things together are more close-knit. If you spend time doing fun activities, you’ll get to know all the lovely and quirky things about your children’s budding personalities and they’ll also get to know you in new and exciting ways. There’s nothing better than these funny, original, precious moments that you’ll be retelling at family gatherings years down the road. These are memories that will stay with your children for years to come, so they’re definitely worth making an effort.

If you’d like to create some family traditions of your own, the chances are you’ve already got some. It can be something as simple as going grocery shopping together on weekends. Though it may seem uneventful and mundane now, such experiences strengthen your family ties without you even knowing. However, if you’d like a more special family tradition, read on for some cool ideas.

1. Have one-on-one dates with your kids

Your children love having you all to themselves, so give them this treat from time to time. It’s also a great idea for families with different interests. For example, you may share an interest in art with one of your children while your spouse might have a completely different way to bond with them. Something as simple as going out for lunch together could work, but it’s even better if it’s something out-of-the-ordinary that you have in common, like going fishing or visiting a particular playground in your neighborhood.

2. Do something good for the community

Spending quality time with your children while also teaching them to care for the community is a win-win situation. There are many things you can do to help your fellow neighbors or improve the quality of life in your neighborhood. For example, you could spend the day sorting through their toys and clothes, deciding which ones to keep, throw, and give away. Finish the day off by gifting them to someone in need. This can be a valuable lesson, too, because the child will learn the beauty of sharing and how to become a responsible citizen.

3. Organize game nights

Game playing brings forth children’s natural competitiveness and playfulness. They’ll enjoy solving problems, challenging themselves to think fast, and doing their best to win. As long as you make sure they don’t get hostile to each other as they play, this will be a fantastic addition to your family routine and your kids will ask to do it over and over again.

4. Put together a talent show

40 Family Tradition Ideas to Strengthen Your Family

Children usually love showing off their skills as well as competing. A fun pastime such as a talent show will let them showcase what they do best and it will also help them express their individuality. Everyone can pick a talent to exhibit and have their time to shine in the spotlight. Don’t forget to cheer them on and give them a big, sincere applause. This can also do wonders for their self esteem.

5. Cook their favorite dish together

Having fun and experimenting in the kitchen is something most kids love doing, especially if it ends with a delicious meal. It can be a useful learning experience as you teach them about quantities, different ingredients, and let them sample different tastes and scents. It’ll also be a nice challenge for them and they’ll have a wonderful sense of achievement when they succeed in helping you create a dish from scratch. It’ll make them feel a little more grown up.

6. Have seasonal rituals

Decorating the Christmas tree, preparing Halloween costumes, and coloring eggs together for Easter are all joyous occasions for every child. You can also institute some unique seasonal traditions that are your very own. Just get creative, let your imagination run wild, and find inspiration in the beauty of the season.