As an older adult, you require coordinated care that addresses your problems and offers viable solutions. You will need health strategies that help you solve your mental and physical issues. While you can experience limited movement, McKinney geriatric care focuses on your needs at a wholesome level to ensure your mental and physical health is optimum.

Geriatric care can help you improve the quality of your life and increase your sense of independence, especially when you receive personalized guidance.

What is geriatric care?

Geriatric care is individualized care that focuses on older adults and revolves around diet, exercise, and medication management. It can also involve your living space, whereby your caregivers will modify your home to ensure you can move around without obstruction and limitations.

The tips for effective geriatric care

Older adults can have mental and physical impairments but also chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. Such conditions require customized care. The following are factors you should consider for effective senior care.

Regular meals

Setting regular times to eat and consuming a balanced diet will help your body maintain consistent blood sugar levels. A routine will also ensure you eat healthy meals without binging on overly processed foods after missing a meal. Depending on your condition, consume foods that help you manage your illness. For example, if you have arthritis, limit your intake of red meat to prevent further joint inflammation.

Regular exercise

Although the elderly can have limited movement, it is important to exercise daily as much as the body can allow. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise or stretching can help your joints maintain flexibility while helping you maintain a healthy weight. Exercise is a good tool to help with stress management and promote an effective sleeping pattern.

Engagement in social activities

Mental health disorders in older adults include dementia and depression, making social interactions difficult. However, socializing with others will give you a sense of belonging and purpose. You can choose an activity you like and spend time with like-minded individuals with the same vision and interests.

Ensure living spaces are senior-friendly

Seniors move slower than middle-aged adults, so your living space should provide an environment where you can move freely. You should eliminate the option of climbing stairs and shelves far above your reach to avoid straining your limbs. Have clear pathways in your home; a same-level home is most recommended for older adults.

Regular medical checkups

Geriatric care involves regular medical checkups and medication management. Since you might have a condition that requires long-term treatment, like diabetes, you should ensure to attend all clinic appointments to ensure optimal health. If you need a medical review, let your doctor and caregivers know so they can provide drug adjustments.

If you or your loved one is older and requires senior care, visit Redwood Family Health Center for a treatment plan. The available specialists will review your medical history, examine your symptoms and create a highly individualized course of care. Call or schedule your appointment online today to receive expert and personalized care.