Right of way is something drivers have to give up nearly every time they get behind the wheel. Even though yielding is commonplace, are you familiar with the law of yielding in California? Consider to hire an experienced attorney

Here, we’ll fill you in on the specifics of right-of-way giving in the Golden State.

The Legal Implications of Yielding

A review of Vehicle Code Sections 21800-21804 reveals that there are multiple laws that make it illegal to fail to yield to other motorists when obligated to do so. These portions of California law usually apply at junctions and when drivers are about to enter a highway or make a left turn.

  • CVC Section 21800 (a) applies to motor vehicles. It’s spelled up here that motorists entering an intersection must give way to traffic already in the intersection.
  • To be in violation of Section 21800 (b)(1) of the California Vehicle Code. In the event of a simultaneous entry by two cars into an intersection, the rule states that the vehicle on the left must give way to the vehicle on the right.
  • Vehicle Code Section 21800 (c) CVC. The legislation mandates that if two vehicles approach a junction with stop signs simultaneously, the driver on the left must give way to the motorist on the right.
  • To be in violation of Section 21800(d)(1) of the California Vehicle Code. If the traffic lights are out, cars are required to stop at the intersection.
  • California Vehicle Code 21800(d)(2). When two vehicles enter an intersection simultaneously and one or both of the signals are broken, the law requires the driver on the left to give way to the driver on the right.
  • Automobile CVC Code 21801. A driver making a left turn or a U-turn is required to give way to oncoming traffic.
  • CVC Section 11802, Motor Vehicles. At stop signs, automobiles must come to a complete stop and wait for oncoming traffic before proceeding.
  • CVC Section 21803 is the vehicle code. Drivers entering an intersection with a yield sign are required to give way to oncoming traffic.
  • California Vehicle Code 21804. On entering a highway, drivers must give way to oncoming traffic, as stated above.
  • Several portions of California law handle violations including a failure to yield to pedestrians or emergency vehicles.