Discs are the cushion that protects your spine. They also act as the connection between your vertebrae. In fact, the discs sit between the facet joints and the spinal cord, and they work like shock absorbers, absorbing pressure to protect your back and spine from injury. It is the thin, jelly-like matter inside a disc that acts as the shock absorber in the spine. 

With age or injury, the fluid dehydrates and leaves a weak outer layer surrounding a solid inner core. Your discs lose flexibility and effectiveness as they dry out. When this happens, your spine has more pressure on it than normal, which can cause pain in some patients. In some conditions, medications may not be enough to relieve pain. That is when Rancho Cucamonga disc replacement surgery is usually recommended by experts.

Here are the top 4 reasons you might need a disc replacement.sss

  1. You have a damaged disc

Discs are made of a strong outer ring and a soft, gel-like layer inside. When you suffer injury or age-related damage to the disc, the outer ring can tear or even break away from the softer middle part. This leaves you with a hole where your disc used to be. Also, when discs go through trauma or have age-related deterioration, they lose their shock-absorbing properties.

  1. You’ve already tried conservative treatment options 

For patients who have tried conservative treatment options like physical therapy, medications, and injection therapy, this may be your best next step. A disc replacement surgery is an effective way to get the pain relief you need if you have already tried conservative treatment options and failed.

  1. You have a degenerative condition

Over time, the discs will become painful and lose their shock-absorbing protection. As normal wear and tear take their toll, your body’s discs begin to lose their natural cushioning ability. With no cushioning left, your spine is exposed to injury every time you move or lift something heavy. Degenerative disc disease is a common cause of lower back pain in older adults.

  1. You have a pinched nerve caused by disc herniation

The inner core of a disc can rupture and spill out into one of the spinal nerve canals. When the herniated material presses on the nerve, it is known as a pinched nerve. The herniated material may tear the outer ring of the disc completely, which is known as a “ruptured” disc. In this condition, surgical intervention is required to restore the proper alignment of spinal structures and alleviate pain.