wave points to the head of the curtain. The wave curtain allows the curtain to hang in regular, even folds. This type of header must be mounted on a slim, discreet special wave rail. The overall look of this curtain and track combination is simple.

curtains  are an effective solution to reduce heat loss through windows. All curtains are lined as standard, but a thick satin twill thermal lining adds extra comfort in cool rooms. For extra warmth, combine a velvet-like, naturally thick curtain fabric with a thermal lining. This can reduce heat loss in a single glass window by up to 41%.

Can wave curtains block out light?

Yes, blackout lining is available for all curtain fabrics except voile. Our custom blackout curtains reduce the amount of light entering your room, reducing heat loss and keeping your room comfortable.

Where is the wave curtain best seen?

The wave curtain is ideal for doorways and modern extensions with large doorways and wide windows. Reclining to the sides maximizes the splendor of doors and windows and beautifully frames the view. This simple styling is also great for large repeats. If you’re looking for an eye-catching print or design, the wave head style is the way to go. The sleek, minimal effect of the

Wave Curtain is particularly well-suited for modern interiors, but the Wave Curtain also looks great alongside more traditional décor. Wave curtain tracks help maximize the amount of light entering a room and are ideal for rooms where daylight is extremely important.

Are wave headers good for small windows?

If your space is particularly tight or you want to create an elegant look, wave curtains can be attached to the ceiling instead of the window frame to make the window appear larger than it is.   So if you have limited wall space on either side of your window, wave curtains are your best choice.

Tips for Easy Cleaning of Wave Curtains:

Including curtains in your regular cleaning schedule reduces the need for washing and extends the life of your fabric. Here are some easy ways to make your curtains look better.

Always test the patch before washing the curtains for the first time. Vacuum and dust weekly. If the curtain has an odor, please hang it outdoors for a few hours. Alternatively, sprinkle with baking soda and wait 30 minutes before vacuuming. Spray with white vinegar or a mixture of vinegar and water to remove odors. These simple tips for washing wavy curtains will help keep your window decorations in tip-top shape and enhance the beauty of your windows.

If you have windows like this and standard curtains/blinds aren’t an option, noiseless glass track wavy curtains could be a nice option. It can be installed and gives the impression that the curtain is almost floating in front of your ceiling. It can be mounted in a bay window and is available in a pole style that mimics the decorative look of a standard curtain rod, and is also available in an electronically operated option.   The voile fabric is less bulky and gives a neat, clean look that looks great on windows, letting the light in and enjoying the view! It can be a great solution for a room that needs drapes but doesn’t want heavy drapes. That said, wave curtains look just as good with heavier fabrics as long as they’re not too stiff or bulky.