Expanding your family can be exciting, but learning for the first time that you are expectant can be overwhelming. You need a professional to walk you through this stressful yet exciting journey to parenthood. If you need Las Vegas OB/GYN services such as prenatal care, the Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG team has your back.

What to expect during your first prenatal visit

Although many women visit an obstetrician after finding out about their pregnancy, it is always wiser to consult Dr. Richards when trying to conceive. He offers pre counseling advice to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the nine months and reduces your risk of pregnancy complications. A close relationship with the Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG team means that you have a pleasant experience during your pregnancy and deliver a healthy, happy baby. After confirming your pregnancy, the team will schedule your first prenatal appointment. You can choose whether you need group prenatal care, a midwife, an obstetrician, or a family physician. During your first visit, you should expect the following:

  • Medical history review

Your provider may request to review your detailed medical history to identify any disorder that may interfere with your health or unborn baby. The team may enquire about your past pregnancies and gynecological history, lifestyle habits, prescription medications, and exposure to anything toxic, whether at work or home. You may also need to share personal details like past drug use or domestic abuse to enable your physician to provide the best care for you and your baby.

  • Physical exam

When pregnant, you need to achieve a certain weight to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The team will measure your height and weight during your prenatal appointment, get your body mass index, and perform a pelvic and breast exam. Your provider may recommend your lung, thyroid, and heart exams depending on your overall health.

  • Due date

Your due date doesn’t necessarily predict when you will deliver; it simply shows the amount of time you will be pregnant which is 40 weeks. Only a few women give birth on their due dates. Still, determining your estimated delivery date is crucial as it allows your doctor to monitor the baby’s growth and detect any abnormal signs. The team uses the date of your last menstrual and adds seven days to estimate your due date. They may also confirm the date using a fetal ultrasound.

  • Lifestyle adjustments

Your doctor may discuss the importance of prenatal vitamins and nutrition. You may also need to quit unhealthy habits like smoking which could affect your baby. If you experience difficulties quitting, your provider may make several helpful suggestions, such as rehabilitation. If you have questions about travel, vaccinations, dental care, exercise, and sex, you can consult Dr. Richards.

  • Tests for fetal concerns

Prenatal tests enable your doctor to monitor your baby’s health and provide treatment when necessary. Dr. Richards will typically recommend several prenatal genetic screening tests, such as blood tests and ultrasound, to detect specific fetal genetic problems.

Call Dr. Richards or schedule an appointment online if you need prenatal counseling.