Boat Trips

From the ports of Tenerife, you can embark on short sea trips on a motorboat around the island, or sail into the open ocean on a catamaran or yacht for fishing and swimming. You can even go on a multi-day cruise on a liner. There are plenty of options: ships of all sizes, shapes, and colors, including pirate ships, are available.

On a Speedboat

If you want to quickly skim across the Atlantic Ocean, speedboats are for you. They may seem small at first glance, but inside, you’ll find spacious cabins that can accommodate a large family or a group of friends.

A boat trip in Tenerife is an excellent leisure option, especially in summer and particularly if you are visiting the island for the first time.

On a Motor Yacht

To enjoy the beauty of the ocean on a pristine white yacht in Tenerife, you don’t need to be a millionaire – it’s a common entertainment here. Choose any route you like, whether on a sailing boat or a motor yacht.

There’s no shortage of yacht choices: sailing or motor yachts, with closed or open decks, resembling convertibles or spaceships. Choose any, and a bearded captain will take you on a luxurious sea voyage across the Atlantic waters.

On a Ship

For sightseeing water excursions around Tenerife, people usually choose ships. In a couple of hours, you can reach neighboring areas and towns and leisurely view the coastal attractions.

Ship are equipped with air conditioning and heating, ensuring comfort throughout the year. And if you get hungry, snacks are available in the bars.

On a Self-Driving Boat

On small boats, you won’t go far – a maximum of 3-4 kilometers from the shore. But this distance is enough to find a place for swimming or fishing.

Boat trips in Tenerife are suitable for small groups. You can spend time with family and friends without strangers around, and all the guide’s attention will be focused only on you.

On a Catamaran

In Tenerife, catamarans and trimarans are often used for short trips at sea, combined with swimming or fishing. But there is enough fuel for long individual trips for several days.

The main difference between them is the hull. Catamarans have a double hull, making the vessel appear compact. Trimarans have a triple hull, which is wider. There are a few other technical differences, but they are imperceptible to passengers.

These vessels are suitable for those who suffer from seasickness. They have good stability: they do not sway much from the wind and waves, so you can enjoy the trip without getting seasick.

On a Pirate Ship

If a regular boat trip seems boring to you, consider an adventure on a pirate ship. Find yourself aboard the “John Silver,” built according to the designs of 17th-century brig ships, shoot from cannons, swim in the open ocean, and learn all about everyday pirate life.

The ship sails around the central area of Tenerife, showing the island from a completely different side. But beautiful views are not the main attraction on this excursion: children and their parents will enjoy a show with animator-pirates. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and learn a lot about the history of piracy.

The “Shogun” ship stands out at the pier with its yellowish canvas sails, which seem to have been used centuries ago. And of course, the “Peter Pan.”

Unforgettable Yacht Vacation in Ibiza

Ibiza is not only about its famous nightclubs and beaches but also offers the opportunity for an unforgettable vacation on a yacht. Imagine soft Mediterranean waves, warm sunshine, and you on a luxurious yacht. You don’t have to be a millionaire to afford such pleasure – “Alquiler Barco Ibiza” makes yacht rental accessible to everyone.

A yacht is a perfect choice for a variety of events: from lively friend parties and romantic dates to family celebrations and corporate events. Your evening will be spent in a unique atmosphere – amidst the sea expanses under bright stars. And if you add catering services, your evening will be complete with exquisite food and drinks.

For those who love active leisure, fishing in the open sea or riding a jet ski will definitely be a hit. For romantics, what could be better than a date on a yacht surrounded by roses, champagne, music, and a magical sunset? Such an evening is ideal for a marriage proposal.

Families with children will have a great opportunity to organize an unforgettable adventure – imagine how your little ones will be thrilled to watch friendly dolphins!

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