Ingrown toenails usually don’t create concerns in most cases, pain and swelling can be something you need to deal with. While ingrown toenails can be treated effectively with home remedies, it’s largely dependent on the condition of the ingrown toenails. Certain cases of ingrown toenail Bakersfield can prove extremely troublesome, especially when you have left the condition untreated for a long time. 

Signs of infections or unbearable pain should be enough reason to seek medical help from a podiatrist who can treat the underlying condition of ingrown toenails. Here are the situations when it’s worth seeking medical help for ingrown toenails. 

  • The Pain is Unbearable: Even if your ingrown toenail is not infected, you might still experience excruciating pain while walking or giving pressure on your feet. If you’re feeling pain just by touching the affected part lightly, it should be more than enough reason to contact a medical professional since depending on home remedies can cause additional injuries. If you’re not feeling that much pain, it’s likely that something serious is going on with your ingrown toenails. Going through a proper examination and starting medications is important to treat ingrown toenails. 
  • Signs of Infection: Just like any other injury, ingrown toenails are also prone to infection. Unlike other parts, feet are more exposed to outdoor elements. Exposure to dust can worsen the condition of your ingrown toenails. A thorough examination is required in case of an infection. Waiting for the situation to get better automatically will worsen it. Intense pain, bleeding, swelling, and discharge of pus are common symptoms of infection. You should seek medical help if you have concerns regarding your ingrown toenails, especially if you’re diagnosed with diabetes as it will slow down the healing process. 
  • The Ingrown Toenails Coming Back Again and Again: Even if the symptoms of ingrown toenails are minor in your case, you will face problems by experiencing them frequently. While you might notice ingrown toenails once in a few months, getting in trouble over and again within a short period is not natural. In most cases, these problems are easier to handle. 

If you’re experiencing more trouble from the ingrown toenails, it’s a clear sign that you require medical assistance. Whether your case is similar to the above-mentioned points or not, your health concerns are valid and the doctors will be happy to help you.