Do you need a reference for a tourist spot for your next vacation? How about coming to Mandalika and exploring its beauty?

Mandalika is one of the areas in Lombok is a super-priority tourist destination in Indonesia. Can you imagine how beautiful this area is?

What do you know about Mandalika? The beach tourism is beautiful and worth a visit? Yup, that’s right. However, there is another side of Mandalika that is no less interesting. What do you want to know? Kuy, we find out below!

1. Find out more about the Legend of Princess Mandalika at Seger Beach

The charm of this beautiful Seger Beach makes the eyes stunned when you see it. However, who would have thought there was such a famous legend behind it?

In this area, there lived a beautiful princess named Putri Mandalika, who three princes fought over to be able to ask for her hand. However, no one was willing to budge to get the princess. Faced with confusion and the possibility of war and bloodshed if the princess chooses one of the three princes, Princess Mandalika decides to jump into Seger Beach.

Not long after the incident, a sea worm called Nyale appeared, and it was believed by residents to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika. Therefore, every year the Bau Nyale Festival is held as a moment to commemorate the sacrifice of the princess. There is also a special monument near the coast.

2. Try Mandalika’s Special Culinary, Taliwang Chicken

When traveling, definitely not only tourist attractions that you want to visit, right? Culinary or typical food from the city is also one of the destinations that should not be missed.

When you go to Mandalika, you have to try the special food menu, namely Taliwang Chicken. The taste of Taliwang Chicken is sweet and spicy, and maybe you could say it’s quite similar to the grilled chicken you usually encounter. However, the spices used are different and have a special taste.

You can easily find this one food menu around Lombok. Starting from restaurants to roadside food stalls, you can buy this menu at varying prices. Anyway, don’t miss this menu, okay?

3. Spend Night at a Unique Inn

The holiday experience is even more memorable if you stay at a comfortable inn. When you go to Lombok, you can use Jivana Resort as your accommodation. This inn, with a modern contemporary concept provides complete facilities that will make your stay in Lombok even more memorable.

Room facilities include AC, LED TV, tea and coffee maker, to a bathroom with a bath and shower. Some rooms at Jivana Resort have pool views. With a private atmosphere, it is also suitable as an inn for those of you who want a honeymoon or vacation with family.

4. Buying Souvenirs at Sasak Ende Village

When you go to Lombok, don’t miss coming to Sasak Ende Village or a traditional village in Lombok. The location is only about 15 minutes from Lombok International Airport. Once you arrive at this village, you will see a “Welcome to Sasak Village” sign on the front.

In Ende Village, you can see typical Sasak houses made of bamboo, see many women weaving cloth to make sockets, and the activities of the natives of this village. It’s a great place to take photos.

Before continuing the journey, you can also buy some typical souvenirs made manually by the residents of this village. In addition to having a unique and beautiful shape worth buying, you can also help the local economy.

Whatever you are looking for, Mandalika has it for you. Starting from tourist attractions in Mandalika are cool, culinary tours, to unique lodgings you can also easily find here!

What are you waiting for? Let’s plan a vacation to Mandalika and get ready to fall in love with Mandalika! Before you plan a trip to Mandalika, be sure to read more about Mandalika and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.